Trafalgar Night October 2021

So another enjoyable night on board the Compass Rose masonic lodge in Rugby for one of their most important events outside of their Installation. Yes it’s Trafalgar night where the lodge celebrate the battle of Trafalgar and pay their respects to that charismatic Admirals- Lord Horartio Nelson who payed the ultimate price of victory with his life on the 21st October 1805.

The evening started off with the ships bugler playing the reveille to call everyone to the lodge meeting which on this evening was a 3rd which went extremely well and the candidate Guy had a well executed raising in the lodge rooms. There were bells, whistles  and all sorts of nautical things going on in the lodge rooms from the master being piped on board to the colourful Naval and Royal Marine flags on display with the evening coming to an end in the lodge rooms with sunset being played by the ship’s bugler.

Then it was down to the mess deck for the festive board where the  duty bugler played Officer’s dinner call, as the Master arrived onto the mess deck he was greeted with the usual respect of the hand clap until he arrived at his place. The mess deck was decorated with Cannons, flags, cutlasses, swords and plenty of Rum naval paraphernalia.

Then something different happened from normal the local Royal Marine cadets from Training Ship Tireless marched on to the mess deck and proceeded to give a talk about the actions of the Royal Marines during the battle of Trafalgar and also about how the Royal Marine cadets and the Sea Cadets in the local area cater for young adults from the age of 12-18 and what they get up to on a parade night. Our FOUNDING MEMBER who is known as the Commodore of the lodge who was a former Royal Marine Commando proudly joined the cadets for a photo shoot.

And then it was back to our festive board which as always on board Compass Rose was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with song, toasts, signal flag messages and £110 raised for the Warwickshire 2023 Festival and £130 for Warwickshire PGM Gift Appeal.

So if you have not been to a Trafalgar night lodge meeting at the Compass Rose or any other meeting at the lodge then what are you waiting for, get yourself invited you are all most welcome to join our Band of Brothers any time, please see the calendar for our next Merry Meeting.