Lodge History

Compass Rose Lodge Banner

“The lodge banner is a Naval Crown atop a circular badge of rope this was the standard badge of all Naval vessels after 1940 up to 2000.
The green and red on the banner denote port and starboard with the lodge name and number and date of consecration. In the center is the compass pointing due North and the middle shows HMS Compass Rose a flower-class corvette from Nicholas Monsarrat’s film “The Cruel Sea” along with the symbol of Freemasonry the square and compass. At the base the blue represents the Ocean Deep with the lodge motto “Fratribus Maitimis” which means “Brethren of the Sea”.

 The Lodge Founders (Commissioning Crew 1991)

W Bro A B  W S  Ellson, P S G D  Asst Prov G Master
W Bro A B  F  Jephcott, P J G D  Asst Prov G M
W Bro Lt Cdr  W J  Rogers, P A G Swd B  Prov G Secretary
W Bro Lt  R C  Pullin J P , P A G D C  P Prov S G W
W Bro A M (E)  R W  Kelsey, P A G D C  Prov G Treasurer
W Bro Lt (E)  R N R  K L  Needham, P G St B
W Bro L Sea  A D H  Hopkins, D S M  P Prov J G W
W Bro Ch Eng  P  Birtwistle, P Prov G Supt Wks
W Bro A/F  W G  Healey, P Prov S G D
W Bro Cdt (E)  S  Butterworth
W Bro P O  K A  Atkinson, P Prov S G D
W Bro P O  W T  Cook
W Bro Sub Lt  A J  MacLeod
W Bro A B  G  Hill
W Bro Cpl  J B  Robotham
W Bro A M (E)  J  Shorthose
W Bro Sub Lt  R J  Matthews, P Prov J G W
Bro Mne  G M  Shelley
Bro Mne  L O  Illenden
Bro L Sea  A C  Davoll
Bro C P O (A)  R  Francis-Williams
Bro Lt  R A  Smith