Compass Rose Lodge

A welcome from the master:

Founded by the brethren with a seafaring background, freemasons who were aware of the close-knit supportive fraternity that all seafarers become absorbed into. This masonic lodge was named to honour that fraternity, which its Founders considered to  be epitomised by the spirit always shown by the ships company of ‘the small ships’. The very heart of such spirit was demonstrated so vividly in Nicolas Monserrat’s work “The Cruel Sea”, in which the star is the flower class corvette, H.M.S Compass Rose.

Like the convoys which the corvettes escorted, this lodge has no restrictions concerning where its masonic members are recruited from, other than the normal ones which apply to all masonic lodges. But all members strive to emulate that close-knit relationship of the brethren of the sea, and to encourage that spirit the lodge follows many naval traditions. One of the principle lodge meetings being held in late October to celebrate Vice-Admiral Lord Nelsons stunning victory at Trafalgar.

With such a unique background, a great spirit is fostered in the lodge, which, naturally enough, causes all its masonic members to regard it as a rather special lodge. We not only have people from Naval backgrounds but also Royal Marines, Army , Air force to name a few, although serving in the forces is not a necessary pre requisite.

Within Warwickshire we have around 4,500 freemasons meeting in 190 masonic Lodges at 17 different locations, we are a masonic lodge based in Rugby, Warwickshire.

We welcome Masonic visitors aboard the Compass Rose for our meetings, our meetings are unlike any others so join the crew and have a great night.

Freemasonry is a fraternal society that expects a high standard of personal conduct of its members and it promotes Fellowship, Charity and Integrity as well as care and concern for the family and the wider community.

We hope that our website will tell you more about the Compass Rose masonic Lodge and  Freemasonry in general.

I do hope that you enjoy browsing and ask you to contact us should you have any further questions.

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